Chinese Economics Society Australia (CESA) 26th Annual Conference

Chinese Economics Society Australia (CESA) 26th Annual Conference
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, July 7-­8, 2014

“China at the Crossroads: The New Phase of Economic Reforms, Industrial Upgrading and Economic Development”

About the Conference: The conference is organised by the Faculty of Business and Economics, and the Centre for Development Economics at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and Division of Economics, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. It is the 26th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Economics Society Australia (formerly known as ACESA).

After nearly 35 years of exceptional economic growth at an average rate of 10 percent per year, China is now at the crossroads. According to the World Bank, China is projected to surpass the US as the world’s largest economy (measured by GDP) by 2030. Such rapid economic growth, however, does not come without a cost: over-utilization of energy and other resources, pollution to the environment, widening income inequality, and regional economic disparities are all growing social and economic problems in China. There is an urgent need to search for a new economic development strategy that is of high quality, more balanced, eco-friendly and more sustainable. Serious reforms are needed, especially in the financial services sector, the state-owned enterprises, the housing sector, the health care industry, the land tenure system, the labor market, and the nation’s social security system.

Topics: The organiser invites all papers addressing topics that relate to China’s economic development, including new economic reform policies; global imbalances and domestic rebalancing; international trade, inward and outward FDI; capital flows and financial sector reforms; regional development; food security and agricultural development; rural-­urban migration and urbanisation; poverty and income inequality; ageing and demographic change; pension, health care and social security systems; education and labour markets; and low-­‐carbon and sustainable growth.

This year’s CESA conference will also honour the late Professor Xiaokai Yang (杨小凯), who raised the economic research standards of the Chinese economists but tragically passed away 10 years ago on July 7, 2004 at age 55. Professor Jeffrey Sachs praised Yang as one of the world’s most penetrating and exacting economic theorists, and one of the most creative minds in the economics profession. Nobel Prize Winner Professor James M. Buchanan nominated Professor Yang for Nobel Prize in 2002 and 2003 and made the following comments  in 2002: “In my view, the most important and exciting research in economics in the world is done at Monash, and it is done by Xiaokai Yang.”

Keynote Speakers include:
1. NG, Yew-Kwang, Albert Winsemius Chair Professor, Nanyang Technological University
2. Wing Thye Woo, Professor, University of California, Davis
3. Xiaobo Zhang, Vice Dean, National School of Development, Peking University

Key Dates:
April 15: abstracts of papers due (please email submissions in word files)
May 1: Emails of acceptance of conference papers sent
May 15: Conference registration opens
June 15: Conference registration closes
June 15: Full papers due

PhD Prize: A prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the best PhD paper presented at the conference, to be determined by a Panel of CESA Council Members.

Special Offer: Conference participants are invited to attend the annual China Update (July 10-11, 2014) at no cost. Please visit the China Update website for details of the 2014 event.

We are working with the China Economic Review and  the journal of Economic and Political Studies (EPS)  to arrange a special issue for the coming conference, details will be provided shortly.

Please refer to the link of conference for details:

Inquiries and Submission of Abstracts: Please contact Associate Professor Tony Fang, CESA2014 Convenor, Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University. Email: CESA2014Conference@Gmail.Com

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