About CESA

The Chinese Economics Society Australia (CESA) is a non-profit and non-partisan organization, which aims at promoting research and exchange activities related to the Chinese economy. More specifically, its objectives are to:

  1. Encourage and stimulate constructive inquiries, exchange and discussion on China’s growth and development;
  2. Promote and disseminate research work related to China’s economy and business development; and
  3. Provide a venue for post-graduate students to present and discuss their work.

CESA strives to become a leading research network of the Chinese economy in the Asia Pacific region. It maintains close relationships with other professional associations that have similar objectives.

The Society was initiated as the Association for Chinese Economic Studies, Australia (ACESA) in 1987 at the Australian National University in Canberra under the leadership of Dr Yongzheng Yang and Dr Shujuan Lin, with the support of enthusiastic scholars specialising in the Chinese economy including Chunlai Chen, Enjiang Cheng, Ross Garnaut, Jane Golley, Yiping Huang, Ligang Song, Guanghua Wan, Mei Wen, Harry Wu, Yanrui Wu, Xiaoguang Zhang and Zhangyue Zhou.

The Society is run by the Executive Committee within the general policy guidelines set by the Council of Management and the Constitution. The current Executive Committee members are: Dr Xunpeng Shi, President (The University of Technology Sydney); Dr Dahai Fu (Central University of Finance and Economics); Dr Hongbo Liu, Secretary (James Cook University) and Dr James Cheong, Treasurer (University of Western Australia).

Currently, the Society is physically hosted at:
China Economy Program, Crawford School of Public Policy,
Australian National University
JG Crawford Bldg, Acton ACT 2601, Australia

CESA’s annual conference rotates amongst its member universities in Australia, attracting delegates from around the world. A number of conference proceedings and publications have been generated from contributions to the conferences.

CESA maintains this website and an emailing list (cesa@anu.edu.au), which are available for use by all members.

For further information about CESA, please contact us.